Innocent Kawooya

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Innocent Kawooya

Co-founder and CEO of HiPipo

Personal Information

Innocent Kawooya is a co-founder and CEO of HiPipo. Founded in 2005, HiPipo is an established champion of digital and financial inclusion. The company is known for championing digital innovation and Instant, Inclusive Payment Systems (IIPS) across Africa under the HiPipo Include Everyone Program.

Innocent is a FinTech & financial inclusion specialist, a women empowerment advocate, Internet entrepreneur, Computer programmer, film producer, humanitarian & entertainment executive. He stood as Kampala City Lord mayoral candidate in 2021.

Innocent was awarded CEO of the Year 2021-2022 by TIG Network Afrika. In 2023, Mojaloop Community Council voted him Co-Chair for the second time in three years. In October 2022, HiPipo was crowned among the world’s Top 20 companies escalating innovation in the digital financial services market by the Global Business Leaders Magazine. HiPipo was also awarded the Best Financial Inclusion Organization in East Africa at the FinTech Awards 2022 by Wealth & Finance International. #MadeOfGOD!